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Skilled Consultancy to Lead Your Infrastructure Project

Our team of project managers have the skills to set up your project for success and also turn around the fortunes of your infrastructure project. All complex projects go through struggles at one time or another and it’s our job to help you out of there also. We set up a consultancy session with you, and from there tailor the best solutions for your unique project

Services for Every Infrastructure Project

KAPM Services Limited’s goal is to provide services that ensure clients engage in stress-free projects that deliver the intended output without compromising the mental health of the project team. The following are services that will ensure this goal is achieved:

  • Act as client’s project manager
  • Construction management of infrastructure projects
  • Troubleshooting and turning around challenged projects
  • Help client’s develop invitation to tender documents and successfully negotiate through the tender phase
  • Develop and implement transition plans to replace incumbent struggling suppliers if required for the success of the project
  • KAPM Services Limited develops training programmes for Organisations and also help implement the identified training
  • Project leadership training
  • Mentoring of project team
  • Deep dives for project programmes and help identify robust mitigation measures to ensure programmes are deliverable
  • Facilitating workshops for project teams to develop the right attitude and mentality for delivering projects successfully
  • Help create high-performance and collaborative project teams


Our Personal Guarantee

When struggling projects choose us, we guarantee that there will be improvements within three months. Our industry-established coaches and mentors deliver a unique service: conducting interviews, building relationships, and creating an improvement plan.

Project Proficiency

Once you choose KAPM Services Limited, our team starts to work on your unique case. Setting up a ‘tiger team’, we define the problem. This includes the present state of your project, the goal of your organisation, and the obstructions that you are facing. We then focus on finding solutions to your problems.

Using a wide-range of techniques, we find a unique option for you. The techniques include a root cause analysis, brain-storming, fishbone diagrams, interviews, and scheduling deep dives. An improvement plan is then developed that is based on the EFQM excellence model. As well as this, your existing team is trained to a high-performance standard. This allows them to run the project daily, and to trouble-shoot out-of-control crisis.

Setting Up Projects

Implement the right project management strategy with the help of our team. Our experts deliver, train, and prepare your team. We also lead the ITT process to ensure that it is robust, and we also ensure that the ITT questions provide value to the client, contractor, and the implementation of the project. Develop a robust set of contract documents and create a high-performance project team that has the right mindset. You are sure to reach your project milestones with the help of our team.

For expert consultancy services with experienced project managers, contact us today.