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Tried-and-Tested Project Management Solutions

After shaving time and millions of pounds from critical infrastructure projects, turning around challenged projects, winning awards with almost every project worked on, having received recommendations from clients including thank you letter from the Prime Minister and being featured in magazines; a mentor suggested the founder share the secrets of his winning formula with a book and launch a company to train a specialised team with these practises.

KAPM Services Limited is a company that has proven success in turning around projects. We are so confident in our ability to help you that, we offer you a guarantee. Our project management team promises to improve your infrastructure project within three months. After the initial consultation, we will set to work with your project team. All aspects are analysed, solutions are provided and implemented, project team confidence is boosted, and the success of your project is improved.

A Winning Combination

We believe that there are a series of factors to having a great project. Your project needs to be:

  • Resilient but able to accommodate change
  • Inspiring
  • Motivational
  • Collaborative
  • Strong in leadership

These are all things that we show through our implementation tools, using our well-tested leadership and management theories to improve your project.

Project Management

Standout Solutions

Most companies deliver standard project management services, and their focus is on proactive risk management. However, proactive risk management is only effective on non-complex projects. For complex and large infrastructure projects, a firm needs to be proficient in both the Art and Science of Project Management to ensure a successful project.

Providing total project management, our company implements a unique blend of the Art and Science of Project Management specific and tailored to your project to ensure its success.

Most infrastructure projects rely on the client to bring in external coaches to inject some amount of the Art of Project Management to create a high-performance environment. However, you need a unique blend of success factors from the onset to be successful. Therefore, these retrofit methods do not work. At KAPM Services Limited, our team are highly skilled at helping the client create the specific blend of the Art and Science to make the project a success.

Our Goal

Project management is hard to master, so we provide a one-stop-shop for high-performance management solutions. Working with the client and other stakeholders, we create and implement the right blend of success factors to ensure the clients and their stakeholder’s definition of success is achieved. We want to ensure that the client engages in stress-free projects that deliver the intended output without compromising the mental health of the project team.

For project management advice, provided by experts, call us today.